#4. Heat exchanger. Crimping.

November 15, 2019 • ☕️ 2 min read

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Heat exchanger. Crimping.

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  • Greetings, boys and girls!
  • Welcome to the next series of my story.
  • I’m doing crimping for my evaporator
  • Here is the diluted soapy water.
  • I’ve pumped up the system through this valve
  • And now I’m looking for holes.
  • Already found one. Fixed it too.
  • This is my instrument
  • I made this nozzle
  • The pressure gauge
  • With it, I can monitor the pressure in the system
  • Then I cut in half the filling hose
  • Because it’s hard to find these things for sale separately
  • Of course, the ideal would be to press on this thing here and make some sort of adapter
  • Which means that I’d have to buy it somewhere
  • I couldn’t find it nearby
  • So, here’s how the crimping process goes
  • I’m not sure, should it be a separate series or be included in the next one
  • We’ll see
  • Ok, I’ve crimped the heat exchanger
  • The evaporator in which freon will boil and transfer heat into the house
  • Turns out there was only four or five holes
  • With so many connections … I’m pretty surprised
  • Because I don’t have a lot of experience in soldering,
  • or the practice
  • But I have a good instruments, I guess
  • And some portion of luck
  • I cleaned it up a bit
  • After soldering it looks like it has fat all over it
  • When I was washing it up
  • all the fat washed off with the soapy water
  • I washed it with a cleaner for bathtubs
  • The next stage - I’m gonna have to connect a geocontour
  • And then the freon
  • If something goes wrong with the geocontour, to not let out the freon
  • I decided to put it in a barrel for reliability
  • Now, the freon contour is pumped up to 6 atm
  • The compressor can’t give more
  • I don’t see any bubbles so far
  • Washing with the soapy water doesn’t give such a good result,
  • as if you just put it
  • in a barrel with water.
  • In that way, we’d definitely see some bubbles
  • But it seems like everything is ok!
  • Alright, see you in the next series, Cheers!