How to Get in Touch

If you want to contact Yuriy Logvin, here’s how to do it:

Reach Out on Social Media

For most quick questions, you can contact Yuriy on social media because:

  • The discussion can be beneficial for other people that have the same question
  • Other smart people can add valuable advice to the conversation
  • The brevity of social media conversations helps you save your time

Yuriy is most active on Facebook, but you can also find him on Twitter.

Set Up a Call for In-Depth Questions

If you have a question that requires more than 280 characters in response, it’s better to schedule a call.

Yuriy is always happy to do consulting calls — but he does charge for his time.

To discuss things in details, talk specifics, please call this number: +38-067-573-77-22

Alternatively, you can do this via Skype: logvinyuriy

Or Send an Email!

You can also send an email to But be patient: He dones’t check it all that often, so the response might be a little bit delayed.

Or Send a Message